History of the Island

The island’s name, Badija, is first mentioned in 1737. In 1368, it is mentioned under the
name Islet of St. Peter, and following this, other names were associated with it including
Island, Large Islet, Larger Islet, and the Islet of St. Mary. It has a surface area of 0,79 km.

  • 1368 – the island was mentioned as Scoleum Sancti Petri in the will of the prebendary Vlaho Ivanović from Korčula who built the Ecclesiam Sanctae Mariae Misericordiae on the island. As a result of this, the island was called the island of St. Mary (Scoleum s. Mariae).
  • 1391 – Pope Boniface IX issued the bull Sacrae vestrae religionis in which he requested that four monasteries be built for the missionary brothers of the Bosnian vicariate, for “the refuge of the brethren of said order” who had to leave their monasteries due to Turkish conquests.
  • 1392 – Bishop Ivan of Korčula called on the island’s populace and the whole diocese to help build a monastery for the Bosnian Franciscans
  • 1394 – Korčula’s Grand Council gifted the monks of the Bosnian vicariate with a bay on the island and spacious grounds for the construction of a monastery and a church.
  • 1398 – the Franciscans received ownership of the entire island through a deed of donation from the Republic of Ragusa.
  • 1420 – the Franciscan Province of Bosna Srebrena divided due to the Turkish conquests of Croatian countries, as well as for easier governance and for pastoral reasons. With the reorganisation of the Franciscan order, the monastery of S. Mariae de Gratis apud Corzulam remained within the Dalmatian province.